The MRC offers three membership options:

Juniors, Seniors and Masters train on a regular basis to compete in regional and international events. MRC Competitive Coaches are previous rowing champions, they will push your limits and follow your progress.

Tailored-made training for every level rower, from novice to expert. MRC Coaches will work with you on your technique and cardio, or just give you advice once in a while, your choice.

Use our facilities and trainers to learn, train and prepare for competitions to represent your school, college or University. Join our club for a possibility to continue your practice during summer and prepare for college or university tryouts.

The MRC also offers three kind of activities:

Come discover rowing, develop the motor skills and technique to row.

Designed for children aged 12-16, its an introductory program to rowing taking place during weekdays.

Come for a day or for a multi-sessions training with your colleagues. Experience one of the most bonding sport out there; Rowing will relax your mind, keep you fit and strengthen your relationship with the people in your boat.