Seniors (18-26)


Increase physical and cardiovascular capacities of athletes while continuing to develop their technical skills.


  • Frequency of 8-12 times per week on an annual basis (varies by season),
  • Training on the water from May to October and indoors from November to April: rowing tank, ergometer and fitness room,
  • Supervised by qualified coaches Level 2 and above.


  • Individual evaluation in the beginning of each quarter to assess their skills and set objectives,
  • Participation in Training camps,
  • Competitive level equipment.
  • Participation in an annual calendar of regattas,
  • Annual Training Plan.


  • Be able to swim more in water 25m deep,
  • Be registered in a competitive program,


A Calendar of regattas will be provided by the coach depending on the season. Seniors usually participate in 10 regattas per year.

The objective is to enable it to participate nationwide in regattas.