Open Door Evening on June 21 2019, starting at 6 pm
Open Door Evening "Summer Rowlstice"
Rowlstice is THE occasion for anyone who has ever wanted to try rowing. On June 21, starting at 6 pm, our club will open its doors to any member or non-member (10+ years old) wishing to learn more about the sport of rowing and the Montreal Rowing Club. There will be various activities, including an ergometer station, where visitors can learn the rowing technique, a tour of the club, and a rowing station where visitors will be able to go for a quick row on the water. The event will end with a BBQ and festivities. It is also an occasion to celebrate the beginning of summer and a great season thus far.
The event is FREE, but we kindly ask that you register ahead of time, in order to give us an idea of the number of visitors and members to expect. You can do so atRegistration