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A legacy of the 1976 Olympic Games, the Olympic Basin welcomes the members of the Montreal Rowing Club.

The Olympic Basin is 2.2 km long, 110 m wide and 2.5 m deep. With its unique facilities in North America and its calm water, the Basin is the envy of all rowing sports enthusiasts.

The construction of the Olympic Basin required the first major modification of Île Notre-Dame. Part of the island was completely redeveloped to allow the construction of buildings and related equipment.

Club facilities are located in Hangar 9 at the east end of the basin; a cloakroom with changing rooms and toilets are available to members.


quartier des athletes salle entrainement salle ergometres 02

Credits: Gilles Proulx - Société du parc Jean-Drapeau

The ergometer room of the Olympic Basin allows rowers to practice their technique on the rowing ergometer. This piece of equipment is used to simulate the typical movement of rowing.

When the basin is closed, the rowing ergometer is the main tool to maintain technique and fitness.

Bac a ramer 1000x500

Credits: Société du parc Jean-Drapeau

The rowing tank in the Athletes' Quarters makes it possible to simulate the sensation of rowing on the water. The tank allows rowers to perfect their technique without having to worry about maintaining the balance of the boat. The rowing tank sessions are reserved for when the Olympic Basin is closed, due to bad weather or during the winter season, and for introductory courses.

Salle de musculation

The weight room in the Quartier des Athlètes allows our members to train and keep in shape when the Olympic Basin is closed. This room is used regularly by our competitive members all year round. For Recreational/Master members, the room is used mainly during the winter season.