To use the facilities of the Club, you must be registered member and act according to the procedures and follow the rules of good conduct. The Montreal Rowing Club and all its facilities are shared by all members. In as much, we ask that all members treat all equipment and facilities with the proper care. Keep the equipment clean and notify management or coaches of any damaged equipment.


Athletes Quarters

NOTICE: Due to current construction work happening at the Athletes Quarters at Parc Jean Drapeau, the MRC trainings will temporary take place at the Aquatic Complex.


Rowing tank

Members can reserve the tank for group use. It should be noted that the learn-to-row courses and the corporate league have priority regarding the use of the tank.

The rowing tank includes:

  • Eight (8) interchangeable seats that can be used for either sweep or sculling,
  • Sweep oars,
  • Sculling oars,
  • Two (2) front mirrors,
  • Six (6) side mirrors


Hangars & Equipment

The Club’s equipment is shared among several different programs and levels. Please respect the set basin hours and rules regarding the proper care of the equipment.

The shells, oars and all related equipment are very expensive and easily damaged. Thus, all members are asked to handle and treat ALL equipment with the utmost care. If you are unsure as to the proper usage or handling of any of the equipment please ask an instructor, coach or other club member to assist you.

Before going on the water you must:

  • Sign out the shell being used, time of your row and equipment used,
  • Ensure that the type of oar chosen corresponds to the shell being used,
  • Bring your oars down to the dock, place the them in the middle of the dock with the blades facing towards the basin,
  • If the seat is not attached to the shell, bring that as well with the oars,
  • Check the condition of the shell before bringing it to the dock,
  • Take your boat down to the dock,
  • Enjoy paddling,
  • Once your down, bring the boat back to the hangars, wash carefully, clean seats, slides, oarlocks and tight bolts and nuts if needed,
  • Bring back oars, do not forget to clean handles,
  • Sign out the book.