Originally part of the Club Nautique et Plein Air de Montréal as a sports club, the Montreal Rowing Club was founded in 1987.

Although officially founded in 1987, the history of the club and rowing on Notre Dame Island go back to the construction of the Olympic Basin in 1974.

Here are a few milestones in the history of the Club:

1976               Rowing events of the XXI Olympic Games were held at the new Montreal Olympic Basin on Île Notre-Dame, former site of the Expo 67.

1976               McGill University revives its Inter-university Rowing Club (suspended because of World War II), and obtained permission to use the Olympic basin and its facilities.

1982               The City of Montreal sets up the Club Nautique et Plein Air de Montréal, allowing Montrealers to practice a range of sports on Île Notre-Dame, including rowing, windsurfing and kayaking .

1983               Stefan Blach, member of the club, won the event at the Canadian Championships (precursor of the Canada Cup) taking place at Montreal’s Olympic Basin.

1984              World lightweight Championships take place at the Olympic Basin. For the first time in an international competition, the women teams run 2 km instead of 1 km. Several Montreal crews represent Canada at these championships.

1987              The Montreal Rowing Club is officially founded with Peter Jepson as the first Club president.

1990              Karol Sauvé returns to Montreal after being on the national team with a mission to promote rowing and other sports at the Olympic Basin and prepare for lightweight and Junior World Championships in 1992.

1990-92        The MRC men’s eight won the Canadian Championships in 1990 and 1991 and won silver in 1992. They also take fifth place in an international competition at Cannes in France.

1992               Montreal is host to the lightweight and Junior World Championships.

1992               Henry Hering and Greg Stevenson, members of MRC, representing Canada at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

1996              The MRC men’s eight is the strongest club team in North America and Dusan Kovacevic is named Canadian Coach of the Year.

1996              Members of the MRC represent Canada at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, United States: Alison Korn and Tosha Tsang (silver medalists, women’s eight), Henry Hering and Greg Stevenson (men’s eight).

2000              Members of the MRC represent Canada at the Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia: Alison Korn (bronze medalist, women’s eight), Gen Meredith, Henry Hering and Greg Stevenson.

2001              World Rowing Masters Regatta FISA takes place from August 30 to September 3rd. Gen Meredith (National Team) represents Canada in global tests as a member of the women’s team (double sculls, lightweight – bronze in Munich).

2008              Andréanne Morin, member of the MRC represent Canada at the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China (women’s eight).

2009              Simon Gowdy, on the rowing national team and member of the MRC, won the most prestigious autumn regatta, the “Head of the Charles Regatta” in Boston.

2011              Andréanne Morin, the Canadian swim team women’s eight, is sacred World Vice-Champion in Bled, Slovenia.

2012             Andréanne Morin, the Canadian swim team women’s eight, won the silver medal at the Olympics in London.