Board Members

The board of directors of the Montreal Rowing Club (MRC) is a council elected by the MRC’s members during the annual membership meeting. The constitution of the MRC allows its members to elect a total of nine (9) people to sit on the Board. Each person is elected to two-year mandate. Half of the positions of the board come-up for election each year.

Matteo – President

The President is responsible for ensuring the good management and smooth running of the Club and delegates some of his/her responsibilities among the rest of the Board. The President, nonetheless, remains the Club’s official representative and is responsible for maintaining and developing contacts with the Club’s external partners and organization.

The President is also responsible for chairing the meetings of the Board and members, during which he/she ensures that the Club’s activities are focused on defined objectives.

Sylvain – Vice President

The vice president is responsible for representing the Club in the president’s absence.

Francois – Treasurer

The treasurer is responsible for overseeing the Club’s accounting. He/She verifies and assists the manager in the Club’s accounting and administrative tasks.