The Recreational Program is designed for individuals 18 years and older who wish to practice rowing in a recreational atmosphere and who may wish to participate in recreational regattas.

Anyone wishing to join this program must have completed at least the club first level learn-to-row course or have previous rowing experience and took a test.

Levels of competency:

  • Novice:

Has completed learn-to-row or equivalent. Novice members will have to complete a minimum of ten (10) supervised trainings in singles and crew. This period is designed to familiarize the rower with club practices, basin safety and circulation rules, and proper handling of equipment. A novice rower should be familiar with basic terminology and rowing techniques.

  • Level 1:

Has passed the novice exam or equivalent.

Level 1 rowers will be permitted to row outside of supervised times, provided that they come with a partner. During this period, the rower is becoming more autonomous in the boat, and is able to navigate confidently without tipping.

  • Level 2:

Has passed Level 1 exam or equivalent. The rower has mastered the technique and basic rowing elements and also wishes to progress and participate in regattas. The Level 2 rower is able to give and execute commands in a crew boat.

  • Level 3:

Has mastered le Level 2 exam or equivalent. The level 3 rower masters his/her boat and has achieved autonomous status. He/She is able to row in unfavourable conditions and can participate in recreational regattas.


Develop motor skills and technique of recreational members to give them the taste and pleasures of rowing.


  • Frequency 2-4 times week
  • In summer, the trainings are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday evenings between 18h and 20h, at the Olympic Basin.
  • In winter, the trainings are held on Mondays and Wednesday evenings between 18h and 20h and Saturday morning between 10am and 12pm at the Athletes Quarter.
  • Supervised by qualified coaches


  • Assessment of goals
  • Learning the rowing technique
  • Learning boat setting
  • Training on boats 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x seats


  • Be able to swim more in water 25m deep,
  • Taking the course “Learn to Row” and a minimum experience of a season


  • Optional participation at 2-3 friendly competitions per year.

Membership fees 2017

  • Water season (6 months from May to October) : 571$ + taxes